Katrin Schikora, of German origin, co-founded TAKTO® along with George Samuelson in 2008.

Katrin visits Mexico for the first time in 1990, falling in love with the country and its people. After finishing her studies in ceramics, photography and Art Therapy in London, England, Katrin decides to begin a new life as a visual artist and ceramic designer in Mexico in 1992, training local people to be part of her work team. Katrin has exhibited her personal artwork widely, both nationally and internationally. She has won many awards for her work in national and international art competitions. Katrin has realized a great number of art commissions for private and public spaces.

In her effort to create and obtain a deeper knowledge of human nature, Katrin has spent the last years studying semiotics, lacanian psychoanalysis, and Bön Budistas teachings. Currently, Katrin is in the process of developing a new ceramic product called aquapeanut®, produced with EM technology (based on Dr. Higa’s investigation) to reprogram and revitalize water. Katrin is co-founder of edúcaTE Yucatán AC, a non-profit organization helping underpriviledged children of her community to reach their full potential by supporting their education. (www.educateyucatan.org)

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