Angela Damman is an American-born designer now living in Mexico. Since her arrival in the Yucatan Peninsula in 2011, Angela has been inspired by the local artisans and their ancestral techniques, to transform the region's plant fibers into luxury handbags and products for the home. Combining her passion for textile design with her experience in sustainable economic development, Angela collaborates with women in the pueblos to weave their beautiful craftsmanship with a contemporary design aesthetic. This unique collaboration has led to both technical and design innovation in the field of textiles, as well as creating a global entry into new markets for natural-fiber based products.


Angela is a partner in TAKTO Design Group, a coalition of designers who produce unique lighting, furniture, home decor, handbags, sculpture and art from natural and reclaimed materials including clay, iron, indigenous wood and natural fibers.

Angela is TAKTO Design Group’s partner since 2012.


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